Everything You Need To Know About Properties Accessible In Paphos, Cyprus

Cyprus is a spot for Brits who enjoy year-round ambiance and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle. We take a look at why the traditional western part of the island is so favored by expats and vacation homeowners

Location and landscape

Paphos is the westernmost region of Cyprus, the defeating heart which is the region capital and one of the islands most popular visitor resorts, Paphos town. The majority of the populace and resorts are in the southern and traditional western parts. A lot of the north-western tip includes the Akamas Peninsula, a conservation are usuallya, because the north-east is wooded mountains. One jewel in the north, bordering Akamas and on the Bay of Chrysochous, may be the very town of Polis, less developed compared to the south and home to picturesque angling city Latsi.

Complementing Paphoss scenic scenery are its social and historical sites, including famous Aphrodites Stone, hence Aphrodites Isle. Paphos town, using its historic harbour and ruins is a specified UNESCO History Site, and home to the Paphos Archaeological Car park and Tombs of the Kings. A brief drive inland from the city goes into green foothills dotted with some wonderful, unspoilt villages. Several kilometres north of city will be the favorite vacation resort of Coral Bay, which consists of idyllic beach.

Significant buying spots

For the hype of a big beach vacation resort, Paphos town ticks all the containers. The primary touristy area, closest to the beach and best for vacation accommodations, is Kato Paphos. Also popular can be Common, a far more home neighbourhood but non-etheless central, while in the hill near to the old one fourth may be the less expensive Pano Paphos area. Coral Bay allures those whose choose a smaller holiday holiday resort community, and the neighbouring neighborhood of Peyia is really a favored by expats. Visit this website to obtain additional insight, Properties accessible in Paphos, Cyprus

A safe distance from the shiny lights but non-etheless just minutes drive from Paphos town centre, are a variety of small villages or home areas. Especially favored by retirees and households, these include Chloraka, Konia, Tala, Armou or Emba. Further inland in to the hillsides, villages like Tsada, Kathikas, Stroumpi, Kallepia or Polemi, give a more tranquil lifestyle. The Polis areas comes with an identical appeal.

The lifestyle

The subtropical Mediterranean environment sets the build in Paphos. In the coastline, you can enjoy an outdoorsy, beach lifestyle virtually all season even in January the mercury hovers in the mid-teens. Just be careful that villages in the hillsides above the coastline have micro-climates, so while summers are less humid and less stifling, winters are chilly.

Paphos town is a year-round working community, fusing an exciting modern seafront, filled with night areas, with a normal old one fourth and commercial areas. Providing similarly for holidaymakers, expats and local Cypriots, it provides all sorts of including private hospitals, amenity, stores and universities. Life in Cyprus also keeps familiar hallmarks of its colonial recent. You drive on the still left, English is another vocabulary, you can shop in Uk stores, such as M&S, there are numerous expat-run businesses, and undoubtedly there continues to be a British armed service base.

The out-of-town villages are perfect for expats searching for an area Cypriot lifestyle amidst peaceful environment. Most have essential amenities, including an area taverna and restaurant, but Paphos town is usually still a simple drive away. Aside from the beach, Cyprus is usually a heaven for all sorts of water sports activities. In addition, it suits golf players, being home to the majority of Cypruss golf including Aphrodite Hillsides, resorts, Key Valley, Elea and Minthis Hillsides.


In Paphos town, prices begin from around , for an one/two-bed resale apartment in Panos Paphos, but budget from , for a far more central property in Kato Paphos or General. For the well located new property, be prepared to pay , upwards. Two/three-bedroom townhouses in the Paphos town area begin from around , , furthermore in Polis. In the villages, , -, is a wonderful starting cover todays detached villa or transformed stone personality home.