Prime Capital Ag Takes Major Stake In German Adult Content Producer

Position reinforces their growing stake in the controversial sector

In a major development for the adult entertainment industry, German hedge fund manager Prime Capital AG has acquired a .% stake in Frankfurt listed, Zug, Switzerland based adult content producer tmc Content Group AG. With over billion under management, Prime Capital AG, under its new CEO, Andreas Kalusche, has become the leading investor in European erotic content.

This investment by Prime Capital fund manager Andreas Jaufer marks an increase in Prime Capitals already significant presence in the hardcore market following his acquisition of German erotic lifestyle retailer Beate Uhse.

Sources at tmc suggest thon Prime Capital may wish to increase its involvement in the business through Board representation and have called an Extraordinary General Meeting with this goal. With most asset managers avoiding the pornography and hardcore lifestyle markets, it is a substantial development in the market. Sources further claim that Prime Capitals support allows tmc to significantly increase its production of adult movies in Germany and Eastern Europe.

Industry sources are quick to point out that investment is a deptherture from investment strategies by most funds, which are usually squeamish concerning the negative publicity surrounding adult entertainment in the current progressive #METOO environment and concerns over US legislation, including FOSTA-SESTA. Expectations are that Prime Capitals contrarian strategy will encourage other funds to make use of the potential return from adult movie making.