Web-set Ads: What Is It?

With WEB-SET Ads you get a fresh contextual ad-network specialized for several Website and for Mobiles Phone Websites. The brand new Publisher Solution for Webmasters and Bloggers allows to monetize all sort of Web-sites! Furthermore, you can add WEB-SET Ads immediately to your site and begin to earn money.

The Platform is extremely user friendly and intuitive. Just copy & paste the code, and you could start to display the contextual ads of WEB-SET. The system will adjust and screen automatically the Ads which are performing better.

WEB-SET Ads certainly are a simple way to raise the earning from a website.

Earn money from the contextual ads.

Start straight forward

Very simple to use, very easy to integrate

Next Generation monetization predicated on CPM and CPC! The Google Adsense alternative

Advanced: Layout customization of the Ad

What benefits have you realized?

You can use WEB-SET Ads being an advertiser and/or as a publisher. As publisher, it is possible to wor evenk with your own website and you can make money utilizing the contextual-responsive Ads on your internet site.

As an advertiser you will get a great tool for your performance marketing. You can obtain interesting publisher who will start advertising for the services-

WEB-SET ads are completely GDPR compatible, because the system will not send Cookies or store IP Addresses. It means that the machine guarantees the % privacy and anonymity of the visitors.